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File it Away

It’s been a long time, but an early 18to88.com staple is back.  The Vince Young Files have returned!

One of the things that caused us to start this blog was our annoyance over the media heaping praise on players who didn’t deserve it.  Vince Young became the poster boy for our angst.  We went to great lengths to point out that there is no such thing as a QB who “just wins” in the NFL.  There are bad QBs on good teams, and good QBs on bad teams, but for the most part “making plays” and “moxie” are just lazy ways to explain success without having to do any real analysis.

And so we began The Vince Young Files.  The more the Titans won, the more credit VY got, and the more insane it drove us.  My personal favorite was Volume 2, where we demolished CHFF’s fawning over Mister Young.  Our official motto was “We don’t hate Vince Young.  We just think he’s crazy overrated”.  Alas, the rest of the world finally figured out that VY couldn’t play, rendering our bold claims and research mundane.  Now, it seems those old articles serve only to keep the flame of the homemade 18to88.com pages alive.

Yet, suddenly and without warning (unless you count getting drubbed by the Patriots 59-0 as a ‘warning’), Vince Young stormed back into our lives.  This past Sunday he was particuarly Youngian.  He led a 99 yard TD drive and converted 3 fourth downs in the final minutes to lead the Titans to a win.  Of course, had he not screwed up the end of the first half, the Titans could have just kicked a short field goal and won the game a lot easier.  Ah, but VY giveth and VY taketh away.  Such is the glory of a guy who “just wins”!

Given that the Colts play the Titans this week, it seemed like a perfect time to examine the turnaround by the Titans and figure out exactly what has transpired to turn their fortunes around.  The results suprised me.  In the end, I’m glad VY is back.  He’s always fun to write about.