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This post will be somewhat self indulgent even for a blog, but I just put the last period on my first (last? only?) novel.  I have no other place to really mark the moment, so I figured I’d share my thoughts with all of you.

1.  I’m actually sad.  I enjoyed writing the book, and it’s actually difficult to say goodbye to the characters.  I don’t know if anyone else will miss them after the book is read, but I will.

2.  The hardest part (other than, you know, writing a book) is going to be the next month.  I won’t touch the manuscript for at least four weeks.  The book needs a serious revision before I share it with my wife and brother (who are my first readers).  I need to let it sit, while I clear out my mind and attempt to gain some objectivity before I work it over.

3.  I’m really grateful to my wife for letting me squeeze extra time out here and there writing it.  She also wrote a book, and has been incredibly supportive and inspirational.

4.  Unless my friends and family tell me it’s total crap (and they might.  They are mean like that), this book will see the light of day one way or the other.  Just don’t expect it before the end of the year.

5.  I’m going to be working on a website promoting the book sometime this next month.  As soon as I have something up, I’ll link it up here.  It’ll be oblique and creative (I hope).

6.  While I still fantasize about getting signed for the book (a process I’ll embark upon after the third draft is finished), I’m expecting to publish myself and am working on a variety of guerrilla marketing techniques.  All ideas accepted, just email them to 18to88@gmail.com.

7.  I’m counting on all our loyal readers to buy a copy, eventually.  That will guarantee me at least ten sales!

8.  Hopefully, this will mean 18to88 will get a bit more attention in the coming weeks.  I promise a Classic Colts post up this week (unless something interesting happens).  You can’t wait, I know.


The interesting part about this survey is that the Colts would have been second with Dungy still around.

From my friend Brian.  Edge hauled water melons as a kid.  I think he also ran some drugs for an uncle or something.  They didn’t print that part so I don’t know.