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Four Colts to Hawaii

The Pro Bowl selections are in and the four most obvious Colts all made it.

Manning (reserve) will join Freeney, Mathis and Wayne (all starting).  Jeff Saturday is first alternate at center, so he’ll probably get a nod eventually.  Bethea is 3rd alternate at safety which is hilariously low.

It’s hard to argue that anyone else from the 2010 deserved to make the squad, and it’s nearly impossible to argue against any of the choices.  Kuharsky gives a half hearted attempt to argue Cassel over Manning, but really there’s no comparison.  Arguing that the Chiefs division title should mean Cassel goes to the Pro Bowl is a tough sell for me.  We saw both QBs play head to head, and frankly Cassel was a mess.  Moreover, Manning leads the league in yards and is third in touchdowns.  Cassel will get in when Brady decides he’d rather play golf than show up for the game.