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Two nice pieces from Foxsports.com (see, anything is possible!). The first examines the Colts/Patriots rivalry that has defined this decade in the NFL. Though I’m sure the Steelers would have something to say about it, the first decade of this century has seemed largely defined by the Indy vs NE matchup. Considering that in the last two of the Patriots three championships, they beat the Colts on their way to the title. Both of those games were actually preceded by intense regular season matchups that were decided by inches. If Edge scores in 2003, the AFC Championship game would have been played in Indy. If Edge doesn’t fumble on the goal line, or Vandy makes a field goal (I swear I’ll get over saying those words someday) to start 2004, then instead of playing New England in the snow, the Colts would have been playing in the dome. Perhaps Indy would have three rings to New England’s one. The point of this exercise isn’t to moan about games long lost, but rather to show how intense and close this rivalry has been. Listen, we don’t like New England. We hate them actually. We think their time is coming to an end. We think Tom Brady, while a good QB, is among the most over-credited player in history. We do, however, count them as worthy adversaries and recognize that 2007, like 2003, 2004, and 2006 will most likely boil down to these two team in one way or another.

The second piece, is actually an AP article, but I found it on Foxsports.com, so they’ll get the link. It’s more of the standard fare (will the Colts D improve? Can they repeat? Can they handle the pressure?), but there’s some decent quotes, so give it a look.