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I can’t believe the Reds dealt Josh Hamilton. Look I know Cincy needs pitching, but letting Hambone go for anything less than Bedard is a mistake. Hamilton was an energizing player for the fanbase. I never missed his at bats. I bought his jersey. It looks like Edson Volquez has good stuff, but how do you trade a kid who just posted an OPS of .922 in his first full season of ORGANIZED ball in years? Oh, he has a cannon too. I realize he’s 26 and a health/injury risk, but he was loaded with talent and had made good on it. Jay Bruce had better be a beast, or I’ll be sick over this one for years. It feels like when the Reds dealt Paul O’Neill.

I can’t believe the Pacers crapped out tonight. I should have titled this post “Pacer Poop”. Frustration will work though.

So some chick named Lorena Ochoa won AP Female athlete of the year. I confess that of the top 10 vote getters I had heard of exactly three. I love latin culture, and I’m thrilled that a mexicana won, but it was shocking to me how utterly in the dark I am about women’s sports. I knew Venus Williams, Justine Hennine, and think Candance Parker plays basketball on some level. I had zero clue who the other ladies were. Oh yeah, and I knew the chick who won the other AP Athlete of the year award.

That was an insanely long set up for that joke.