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Game Notes

Our breakdown and analysis will come on the podcast later this week, but here are the thoughts I will share after this game. . .

1. This team is for super-real. That D is VISIBLY better than last year. Feel good, Colts fans. Feel very, very good.

2. The Jason David & Nick Harper watch: 3 TDs given up and counting. Folks, we’ve been beating this drum for months, and are not going to stop now. This team has replaced guys we all love and respect with BETTER players.

3. 18 to 88 is a beauty to behold. I never get tired of it.

4. The AFC is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than the NFC. Duh.

Random opening night observations:

  • What if Mellencamp just started rapping? How awesome would that be?
  • The Manning/Brees pregame hug was awesome. Did they show this on TV?
  • The rally towels tonight looked like mini-Super Bowl banners. Incredibly sweet.
  • There are a lot of women at Colts games. The crowd is like 35-40% female and 95% white at least.
  • Does anyone else think that Air Blue is cuter than regular Blue?
  • I think Mellencamp was contractually obligated to play Small Town. If he had broken out Peaceful World or This is Our Country, I might have broken out an assault rifle.
  • The pregame handshake between the teams was very cool.
  • Marvin fielding punts before the game was interesting. And exciting. And horrifying.
  • The IU Marching Hundred put me to sleep at half-time.
  • Watching postgame interviews made me feel sorry for Jason David. He took the blame like a man. He was solid player for us, but shouldn’t have showboated on his way into the endzone. I hope the rest of his season was better than this. I’m not sure it will be though.

Okay, guys it’s time to believe the hype or just your eyes. This team is better than last year. Check out the podcast on Tuesday for the 18 Plays that mattered most, and for our post-tape watching analysis.

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