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German (Sausage) Links

Deshawn Zombie has sent us a couple links direct from the EU to you.
Chad Ford thinks the Pacers could be a playoff sleeper. He’s freaking me out.
Peter King offers up this interesting bit of information from a wisened Tony Romo: [Romo] had an interesting take on “winning the big game.” Romo is 19-7 in the regular season, 0-2 in the playoffs. “What exactly constitutes a ‘big game?’ ” he asked. “We’ve had some pretty big regular-season games in the last couple of years. A couple years ago, when Peyton Manning set the touchdown record, I’m watching NFL Live, and the guys are talking about the great season he had, and someone says, ‘But he hasn’t won the big game yet.’ I mean, he’d had two perfect playoff games — the highest rating he could have — to that point, but he hadn’t beaten New England, and so he couldn’t win the big game.

“You mean playing perfect in a playoff game and winning is not winning a big game? The way I look at this job is: If you’re waiting for everyone to get on your side and think you’re great, you’ll be miserable your whole career.”

Pete Prisco puts his credibility at risk by mentioning Fred Taylor and Canton in the same sentence. Maybe more unbelievable is his willingness to mention Jim Brown and Barry Sanders. I respect Pete for sticking up for the small market player, but this issue is very simple. Taylor just doesn’t have enough touchdowns. Try an astonishing 38 fewer rushing scores than Sanders and 45 fewer than Brown in the same number of seasons (10). Heck, most people consider #32 a stretch for the Hall at this point and he has 16 more scores than Taylor in one fewer seasons.