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Getting in the Groove

Indy was the better football team on Sunday.  Sometimes, it’s just that simple…

Reasons to Smile:

  • Pierre Garcon-Uh, wow.  In his last three games he has 17 catches for 307 yards. He was a monster in the first quarter on Sunday.  He has turned the corner right before our eyes.  It’s like that TD he scored against the Pats baptized him in victory, and he hasn’t been the same since.  Let’s imagine that Gonzo could play right now.  How does he get on the field?  At 100%, I don’t doubt he’d be better than Collie, but I don’t see how he can be anything more than a fourth WR for this team this year.  Garcon is simply playing too well to take off the field.  He’s in the process of making the kind of jump you usually see guys make in the offseason.  He’s a real threat on every play, and I think you’ll see the O open up from here on out. 
  • Clint Session.  He just continues to pound people.  Outstanding play to force a fumble today.
  • The run game is absolutely credible.  It’s not flashy, but teams have to respect it.  That’s all you need.
  • Taking over with 10 minutes and change and handing the ball back with 7 minutes and two timeouts wiped off the clock in the fourth quarter.  Oh, and a FG.
  • Taking over with :20 in the half and getting three points
  • Reggie Wayne doesn’t get down.  He just bides his time and makes huge plays when it counts.
  • Just 5 penalties for 40 yards.  One of those was utter nonsense (the Lacey interference).
  • The Titans played our WRs physical and the Colts still posted 27 points.
  • Great, active play by the defensive line.  They did a great job containing both Young and Johnson.
  • Ugoh did a credible job filling in.  He did not play great by any means and made some mistakes, but if you think of him as a back up LT and realize that he allowed no sacks, and the Colts ran the ball well, then it was a plus.  Watching him, CJ, and Diem makes me realize that the Colts are going to have to draft some more tackles this year.
  • Jacoby Lacey as the nickle back. Hayden’s return makes this team that much better.

Reasons to Frown:

  • Ron Winter’s gang of clowns.  Totally inconsistent job of calling penalties.  They let both sides be rough, but then flagged Lacey for nothing.  They need a clinic on how to spot the ball.  The first Titans first down was spotted a full half yard ahead of where the runner landed.  Awful job today.
  • Field that kick, Clark.
  • Powers getting beat by Washington.  I thought they threw at him a lot more today because Hayden was back.  He was stone cold beat, and is lucky Washington flubbed the play.
  • 50 yard field goals are about 60% propositions in the NFL.  What are our chances of hitting one this year?  10%?  It’s a major weakness. It might be the only one this team has anymore.

Best Call:

Sending pressure on Young all day.  I’m normally conservative when it comes to blitzing, but it’s clear that Young still panics when under pressure.  He seemed to have a hard time standing in the pocket and making throws when guys were running at him.  He airmailed some balls he didn’t have to.  I thought Young played pretty well, and he has a cannon, but he wasn’t ready for the Indy blitz.

Worst Call:

Punting on fourth and 2 from the 46. I realize that it worked out as Young threw a pick to Lacey, but after just recovering a fumble at roughly that same spot, why not go for it?  If you don’t make it, you haven’t lost anything. If you do make it, you have the chance to bury a division rival.  I’ll never be ok with punting there.

Reasons I’m Flying:

  • Freeney got another sack.  That’s a good sign.
  • This team feels like it’s just now starting to gel.  The 2009 Colts will be scary good when they hit their stride.
  • The Colts are one win from a bye.  It’s almost playoff time.
  • Brett Favre is throwing picks like candy tonight.  Unless he brings the Vikes back, it’s a two man MVP race.  First to 16 wins.

Reasons I’m Dying:

  • Mathis in street clothes
  • CJ not playing left the Colts with just two tackles.  That can’t be a good thing.
  • The Jags will be hyped up for the Thursday night game.  Their schedule just keeps being too easy for them to go away, no matter how bad they are.
  • The kicking situation.  If our season comes down to a 48+ yard FG…I can’t think about it.
  • New England and San Diego back to back.  I know the Pats are in free fall and can’t win on the road, but still.

The Bottom Line:

No mistakes.  No turnovers.  No excuses.  No losses.

The Colts are a more mature, more complete, more talented team than the Titans.

They won.

They should have.