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Getting what’s coming to them

Apparently some Jets fans want blood. They are suing the Patriots organization for staging 8 fraudulent games between the Jets and Pats in New Jersey since Belichick became head coach. Evidently, the men behind the suit are serious lawyers and think they have a case. Good luck guys. . . you’re gonna need it.

Demond and I were fighting about Bill Simmons tonight. He’s sick of him. He’s tired of the “greatest team ever” crap and the schlock about no other team having a chance. Me, I find it all way too amusing. Patriots fans are all in a lather because of three blowouts over bad teams? Weren’t they the ones mocking us for the same crap just two and three years ago? When they get their heads handed to them this January, it’ll be all the more hilarious because it’s so utterly predictable. They won’t be ready to play when the time comes. When a defense who actually hits plays them and Randy Moss starts limping around and Brady has to throw something beside a basic lob pass, and they get their asses drilled, we’ll be laughing and saying, “I told you so.” So no, Simmons doesn’t bother me. Not even a little. I’m counting the days until he has to write the inevitable, “Why didn’t I see it coming?” column.

And yes, we’ll be sure to link it.