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Good Fan / Bad Fan

Crap like this has been going through my head all week:

Bad Demond: Baltimore!  I can’t believe the Chargers get to play the Jets.

Good Demond: Chill out.  The Colts are healthy.  The Colts are fresh.  Joseph Addai, Donald Brown, Dwight Freeney, Pierre Garcon, Charlie Johnson, Robert Mathis, Jerraud Powers, and Clint Session are in much better shape today than they were four weeks ago.

Bad Demond: Healthy?  Fresh?  The Colts have lost each time they’ve had a bye in the Manning era.

Good Demond: Those were all close games.

Bad Demond: So?  They lost.  Manning is 7-8 in the playoffs.

Good Demond: Two of those losses came in overtime.  Dude, he won the Super Bowl.  What more do you want?

Bad Demond: I’d like to see him beat the Ravens this week.  Otherwise it is back to the same old talking points.

Good Demond: I can’t remember the last time he lost to the Ravens.  I think he hates them.

Bad Demond: Well he’s going to have to do it without the fans.  All signs point to a luke-warm Luke on Saturday.

Good Demond: I don’t believe that.  It’s a primetime game on a Saturday.  The fans will be loaded for beer, to coin a phrase.  The fans will be emotional… and that’s not a bad thing.  They’re angry.  They’re bored of meaningless games.  They’re out for blood.  I pity the team that walks into that stadium.

Bad Demond: Yeah, I’m thinking the Colts might get booed, too.

Good Demond: That’s not what I’m saying.  I think the Indy players and fans will have an emotional edge that the Ravens won’t be prepared for.

Bad Demond: If Peyton and the offense come out cold… look out.

Good Demond: There’s a chance the Colts O will come out slow, but I think there’s a greater chance the Colts D will come out like madmen.  Turnovers equal short fields equal easy points.

Bad Demond: Sounds like Ravens-Pats game to me.  Talk about an impressive win.

Good Demond: The Pats sucked.  We all knew that.  Even JC knew that.

Bad Demond: JC is awesome.  Surely, you heard about all the Ravens fans that are going to be there on Saturday?  Tickets are so cheap.

Good Demond: I don’t see it, sorry.  I’m sure a few Ravens fans will show, but deep in their hearts they know it is a waste of time, effort and money.  Besides… the low ticket values mean most Colts fans will actually resist the urge to sell for big bucks and just go to the game instead.  That’s exactly what dad is doing…. and he never goes to the games.

Bad Demond: Can you imagine the look on Polian’s face when he is forced to relive the invasion of the Titans fans from the ’99 season?  And… it… will… be… all… his… fault.

Good Demond: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Bad Demond: I can see it now.  You’re going to be sitting next to a Ravens fan.  They’re going to celebrate in your face.

Good Demond: This is getting kind of morbid.  Did I mention Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis are 100% healthy?

Bad Demond: Yeah, but what about Joe Flacco?

Good Demond: What about him?

Bad Demond: Yeah, you’re right.  He sucks.