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Grading Jim Caldwell

Colts’ head coach Jim Caldwell is anything but a lightning rod.  Sure, fans get bent out of shape when he does something they don’t like, but for the most part he’s the forgotten man in the Indianapolis equation.  Obviously, it’s hard to criticize a coach who took his team to a 14-2 season and a Super Bowl berth in his first year.  On the other hand, Indy lost that Super Bowl and the two losses were controversial thanks to his decision to pull the starters.

Bill Simmons seems personally bent on propagating the myth that Caldwell never blinks, talks, or does anything.  Of course, Simmons rarely watches games in depth, and doesn’t see that Caldwell does show emotion and is clearly engaged in the action.  In Caldwell’s case it’s impossible to judge him just by wins and losses, given that he has Peyton “the win machine” Manning at quarterback.  Instead of a simple look at his record (which is the best in football since the start of last year), let’s examine the effect he has had in the primary areas of responsibility for the head coach.

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