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Green Light

I haven’t seen this reported anywhere else, so I’m forced to link up Profootballtalk (ick, I’ll go shower now).

Moore and Mudd are cleared to go back to work…just like last year.

I’m not sure this is news exactly, because we knew it was bound to happen anyway, but still this quote is nice to see in print:

the NFL reportedly has informed the 32 teams that consultants have no limitations on their game-day activities.

Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network reported during the most recent edition of Total Access that the league office sent an e-mail this week to all clubs explaining the official position on the rules applicable to consultants.

As LaCanfora explained, this means that former Colts offensive line coach Howard Mudd and former Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore will be able to do anything and everything on game day.

So, basically, they can do what they did as full-time employees, even though they no longer are — and even though they have been replaced, at least in title.

What’s funny is:

1.  How wrong basically everyone at Foxsports.com has been for weeks in reporting on/analyzing this.
2.  How overblown the story got
3.  How Florio went from blaming Caldwell for forcing Moore/Mudd out in the first place to now implying Bill Polian used some kind of puppet master influence over the league office to get the coaches back into power.

That dude goes out of his way to hate on the Horse.