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Greenspan Gone

With all the Pacer draft stuff, we plumb ran out of time to comment on IU A.D. Rick Greenspan resigning in the face of a new NCAA charge. Aside from our elation over his head being placed squarely on our silver platter, I’m still mystified about something. I’ll never understand how Indiana can be held responsible for what Sampson did when THEY CAUGHT HIM AND TURNED HIM IN. Yes I realize that it was a couple of months late, and it was by an independent auditor, but THEY HIRED the auditor to do the audit. This wasn’t turned up by the press or by a player or angered coach. The administration was checking up on things like they are supposed to and found that Sampson was not compliant (not with regular NCAA rules) with the terms of his probation. Frankly, that sounds like they did their job to me. Ultimately, this whole mess shows the insanity of hiring a coach and accepting sanctions that a different school should have had. IU still hasn’t broken any normal NCAA rules, just a higher set that was imposed on them only because they hired Sampson.

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As noted in the comments, Chad Ford loved the moves.

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