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Hold Your Horses

Irsay says it’s not over until HE says so.

I doubt this will work, but I love it anyway.  I love that the Colts are showing Marvin the love and at least TRYING to keep him.  Again, it probably won’t change anything, but it shows how totally inappropriate the report by Schefter was last week.  If nothing else, this move by Jim Irsay is classy, and reinforces to the players that they are more than just uniforms to him.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Demond Sanders:  LOL.  Remember last night when I said that there was nothing definite about that article?  And you insisted it was over.  Well, it probably is.  All this means is I get to do another tribute after it is official.  I’m so sorry for you all.

UPDATE:  Live press conference about Marvin at 5:30  WTHR.com

UPDATE:  It’s done.  Seriously, thanks for trying, Jimmy.  You are a great owner.