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I hate the Patriots

Seriously. I hate them. This latest run of the Patriots where they just want to screw every team, coach and player in the league has made them the ugliest and most despicable team I can ever remember. Seriously, it’s like Belichick said, “Hey I was a huge A-hole and cheated! I embarrassed a former protegee so badly that he turned me in to the league for it! People questioned my integrity when all I did was lie! SCREW EVERYONE!”. What kind of sick freak does that? This man is so warped, I seriously would believe he was capable of anything at this point. It’s going to end badly for him. If 10 years from now, he isn’t trolling down I-90 in a Silver Bronco with Brady next to him, screaming into his IPhone that the cops should stay back, I’ll shocked.

I’ve hated teams before. I’ve never hated one like this. Friday, we’ll release 88 Reasons why we hate the Patriots. If you want to submit one, email it (DON’T PUT IT IN THE COMMENTS) to us at 18to88@gmail.com.

Here’s the first run of links today:

  • Peter King is smoking a ton of crack. Among other things, he thinks the Colts couldn’t possibly win in Foxborough in January. Actually, I think they have a better chance winning a game against this NE team in bad weather than NE does playing well. I also fail to see why routinely running up the score on teams makes you ‘invincible’. I don’t know what will happen this week, but as long as the game is close, I don’t think it settles anything.
  • Don Banks covers yesterday’s game. But only so he can talk about next week’s.
  • John Clayton says the Skins had more communication problems. Seriously, when is this going to explode in the league office?
  • CHFF had the line of the day: Then there was Tampa Bay, which had scored one for the NFC by beating Tennessee a couple weeks ago, but lost at home yesterday to a Jacksonville team led by Quinn Gray, Medicine Woman.