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I Phone, you phone, we all phone for…welll you get the idea

Well, hey, hey. Haven’t we just hit the big time now?

If you’ll casually glance to the left, you’ll see that you can now download a FREE 18to88.com IPhone app. The app is a great way to keep tabs on 18to88.com via your mobile device.  Personally, I have an IPod Touch that is become a physical part of my hand I use it so much.  So for me, having our own app is basically a dream come true.  As of now, the app doesn’t allow for commenting on stories, but hopefully by next year.  If you don’t use Apple products and need an Android app, just search any app store for 18to88, and you’ll be hooked up. Remember to please comment on the app in the stores!

I want to give a major thank you to the guys at Bloguin.com for their support and promotion of this site.  Since we moved back in July, we’ve been thrilled with this kind of awesome help.  They’ve developed a real community feel among the blogs, and have helped 18to88 in numerous ways.  Kudos, guys!

You may also have noticed the other link on the left side that allows you to donate to 18to88.com.  We put this up at the suggestion of several readers.  Please understand, we aren’t begging for patronage.  We run this site free of charge, and that’s how it will stay.  However, we do put a lot of time in and incur real costs in the process. If you’ve enjoyed our work and want to chip in, that’s awesome.  We’ll probably put the money toward airfare to some unnamed city in Florida during some month after January and before March…or something.  Anyway, no pressure there.  Some of you asked for it, so we put it up.

It’s a great time to be a Colts fan.  I hope 18to88 has made the season a little bit brighter, or at least a little nerdier.