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I feel like I have Vertigo


Jeff Saturday’s agent says that the team won’t attempt to sign the veteran Center before he hits free agency later this week.  In all likelihood, this means #63 is gone.  Can’t say I’m shocked.  My initial reaction is:  this will make the team less good.  Duh.  We spent a good portion of 2008 season learning that lesson all too well.  Unfortunately the NFL is all about knowing when to fold ’em.  Jeff will be 34 when the 2009 season starts.  While he is far from done, he can see done from where he is standing.  Someone will pay him well to play (probably) two more seasons and then he can take his rightful place in the Colts Ring of Honor.                   

In other news: Saturday loves random Star Wars references too!  That makes this hurt all the more. 

DZ Comments Jeff Saturday came up large all season, but the hand-writing was on the wall since the last draft.  In a perfect world he stays, and we certainly hope he comes back (since the door is open).  I’m suddenly more invested in Marvin coming back than ever.  I don’t want to lose Dungy, Saturday, and Harrison all in the span of a month.


Zombie, MJax, and Hart will all start on the PUP list.  That’s not a surprise.