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I’ll believe it when he goes on IR

The Star claims Freeney is done for the year. Or rather, the headline says that. The text of the article is less certain. We thought this was true of Dallas Clark last year as well (different injury I know), but he did make it back. Earlier this season, it was said that Eli Manning had a separated throwing shoulder and was out for weeks, and maybe the season; he played that Sunday. Injuries are weird, and Freeney might be out, but let’s just see what the team does. If they keep him off IR for a week or two (something they can’t afford to do because of the number of guys hurt), it says they still have hope. Otherwise, we’ll know by the weekend.

UPDATE: I guess I believe it. It’s official; he’s on IR and is done for the year. Weeeeeeelll, that sucks.

Demond Sanders: This team has spent the past two weeks proving that they don’t believe in excuses. Unfortunately they didn’t win either of those games, but they made their point nonetheless. I still think they can beat New England and win the Super Bowl. Simeon Rice can be this year’s Booger McFarland. The ex-Buc who enters mid-season to help his old coach win it all with a new team. Or he could be worthless. . .