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In hiding

I feel like I’ve been AWOL all week. There just hasn’t been much to talk about. It’s hilarious how despite mentions here and there about “the Colts flying under the radar”, there really isn’t much talk about them. Why? They are boring. The media hates foregone conclusions and now that Indy looks like all but a moral lock to sew up the two seed, there just isn’t anything to say. It’s all about wait and see what happens on that fateful day in January.

So with no links, I just didn’t have the gas in the tank to make up crap to post about. Plus, 18 Plays was insanely long, and took forever to record and edit. Thanks for the brave souls who endured all 58 minutes. I swear we won’t do that to you again.

Here’s what I’m seeing around the net:

Bill Simmons is finally starting to get appropriately nervous. (I know it’s just a reverse jinx, but still, he ought to be afraid).

Lenny P has several Colts notes. Nothing that we haven’t really discussed here, but he does explain why the Colts might not take a flyer on Sam Adams.

Vic bans all Colts fans. I’d think he’d want more readers, since there aren’t that many Jags fans. They still haven’t quite sold out, but they did get the blackout lifted. Uh, Jacksonville, your team is 8-4 and really good. I heard the reason they couldn’t move more tickets is that people were expecting to be too hung over from their Tebow parties to go to the game on Sunday.

The Star has a great piece on the practice squad guys. They risk their future health for a shot at the big time.

SI revists all the Heisman races of the last 20 years. The verdict: both Marshal Faulk and Peyton Manning should have won. There is little question about that. It’s too bad they can’t retroactively give a trophy to Anthony Thompson as well. Few running backs have ever had a season or a career like he did.
Eyes in the Backfield should be up late tonight.