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Introducing: Eye in the Backfield

18to88.com tells you what happened in the 18 Plays Podcast. We tell you what we think about stuff every freaking day here on the blog. We’ve made bold predictions again and again. But now, we’ve added a new feature. Every Friday, we’ll put our Eyes in the Backfield and select 18 thing to watch for on Sunday. It goes without saying that no other list of pregame info will have 18 items in it. Oh sure, some reporters will give you 5 or 10 and the guys in the booth have two or three “Keys to the Game brought to you by Kia“, but we bust our butts to give you 18! I heard that one site offered 17 key points, but we have 18. Why is 18 better than 17? It’s one louder!
This will be a regular feature throughout the season and the playoffs. Enjoy.