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Investigating the Crime Scene – A MMTTB Report

This is tricky.  There is a lot of conflicting evidence when it comes to our favorite GM/Coach combination.  On one hand, Aaron Rodgers is in the top 10 in most every major passing category.  But the Packers are an embarrassing 5-10 on the season, and are only 1-7 in games decided by less than a touchdown, including their last four games in a row.  Such as conundrum has forced the like of Tony Kornheiser to ask, “At some point, doesn’t Aaron Rodgers have to win one of these games?”.  Rodgers Passer rating has dropped about 6 points in the fourth quarter of close losses, but is he to blame?  One Wisconsin columnist wonders if McCarthy really trusts Rodgers with the game on the line.

The victim of the crime may be Brett Favre, who has also shrouded himself in mystery.  On one hand, he has helped the Jets into playoff contention and made the Pro Bowl.  On the other hand, he seems to be helping the Jets out of playoff contention and shouldn’t have made the Pro Bowl.  He’s got a gimpy arm and (gasp) is contemplating retirement.  So what do we make of MMTT’s decision to dump the future Hall of Famer? 

They may well have sold a talented Packers team down the river for a third round draft choice.  There is little question that Aaron Rodgers is a competent NFL QB (something that was soundly in question before the season).  He’s proven he’s at least meritorious to be on the field somewhere, but hasn’t shown that he can be the leader of the franchise in Green Bay in the post-Favre era.  Instead of keeping Favre and taking one more shot at the Super Bowl, the Packers brass seems to have questionably pissed away the season, ruining something good while not really succeeding in the new endeavor.  The result is what Bill Simmons called the “Greatest 6 win team in history”.  Much like David Caruso deep-sixed his career by leaving the successful NYPD Blue for a short jaunt on the silver screen, it’s hard to hate on everything that MMTT have done this year.  Everyone is pretty sure they are nuts, but it’s hard to articulate and prove exactly why.   What they did, didn’t work out, but it didn’t fail as miserably as it could have.  So for a weird season, the media forensics team has detected an IQ of 90.


I know this could be it.  I don’t want to think about it.

Tony Dungy is a winner.

Of the greatest single season turnarounds in NFL history, several belong to the Indy Colts.  We’ve seen a lot of bad football in our time.  Thanks to Funtime for the link.