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IU Hires Dakich

In a stunning move, the IU administration has reversed course and hired Dan Dakich as head basketball coach. He was signed for for 2.5 million dollars. AD Rick Greenspan said, “It’s clear that as a second tier program, Dan is the best coach we can get. He’ll do a great job competing for recruits with IPFW and Valparaiso. With a little luck, we’ll be NIT worthy in no time. Now Indiana can boast two of the top D2 caliber coaches in the Big Ten. His excellent job in holding the IU players together during the past month is the chief reason we hired him.”

Demond and I have discussed this hire at length and are genuinely pleased with it. Dakich can bring the same level of excellence to IU that he brought to Bowling Green. His first move was to boot players of the team. That’s the kind of leadership we need at IU. Fewer players, more 6 AM runs.

From the “I never ever ever get tired of it” file:
The Sports Guy made my day with this note in his mailbag:
Q: I just got back from San Diego and I was with both of my brothers at the Oceanside Harbor eating lunch. My oldest brother comes back to the table and tells us we each owe him $50. He saw Junior Seau at the bar and paid the cocktail waitress to give him 18 beers and one empty shot glass. We paid him. — Casey, Bend, Ore.
SG: (Hanging my head in shame.)

I wish I knew that guy’s name so I could chip in some green too.

Also, check out this gem about the Jaguars. I swear they are the funniest team in the AFC. Troy Williamson to the rescuuuuuuue!