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I’ve been busy. . .

So I couldn’t partake in one of my favorite post-win rituals. . . scanning the web to find all the awesome things people say about the boys in blue. Here’s a sample of what I’m getting caught up on. . .

CHFF pimps the Zombie and SI.com’s Dr. Z gives the Colts some love

Big Sexy is on the bandwagon. I have some thoughts on all the ripping of the Saints for running draws on 3rd and 6, but I’ll save that rant for the podcast. Let’s just say that I thought the Saints play calling was brilliant, and I left that game impressed by Payton. The D was just really freaking good.

And finally, stunningly, Bill Simmons admits that the Brady/Manning debate is tilting heavily toward #18. His quote is too amazing to reprint here. You must see it to believe it. If I copied and pasted it, you’d swear it was a lie. You’d accuse me of joking. Check it out for yourself.

Demond Sanders’ Comments: My favorite part of the win Thursday night was sitting there in the RCA Dome knowing that half of the pundits already looked like morons, and it was only one game into the NFL season. That’s part of the danger of failing our one-question-long AIASAT (this concept is explained a couple posts below). Bill Simmons’ predictions are already hopelessly out of date, and Whitlock’s prediction of the Colts getting off to a 4-4 start seems foolhardy now.

Simmons knows the end of the Manning-Brady debate is nigh. How nigh? It’s just 18 games away. How appropriate.