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Jags Pregame

As DZ mentioned I’ll (Westside Rob) once again be blogging the home game for today. Some surprising games so far around the league.

  • The Brady injury finally catching up with NE, though even without Brady they shouldn’t be giving up those kinds of points.
  • The Bengals hanging with the Giants.
  • ATL and Matt Ryan looking like a really decent team, against a hapless Chiefs team.
  • Buffalo down to the once hapless Raiders (I have the Bills in my Suicide pool so I’m sweating it bad right now)
  • The Titans looking pretty scary and all over the Texans once again.

For those few of you who tuned into my blogging of the Bears game, I am not going to do quite the moment by moment blogging this time. I’ll probably take the Demond approach and blog at the end of each drive, and maybe when there is a really big play. I’ll try to follow and respond to the comments better this time.

I’m looking for the Colts to break out today. I know the Jags are desperate but I tend to think that will make them sloppy and push them to make mistakes. Saturday being back should help settle the line down. If the Colts can get up early, the Jags lack of mental toughness should lead them to collapse early. Let’s go Colts!!!

First Quarter:

1st Drive: GREAT DRIVE! Great catch by Clark for a big game, and the stretch play is BACK and you gotta love Marvin catching the TD.

Good special teams coverage, and great 3 and out by the defense. Great start by the Horse!

Not a horrible series on the second drive. A couple O-line breakdowns but we got the running game going again and some good pass plays before coming up short on a long 3rd down. Bad field position for the Jags to start their 2nd drive.

Too many missed tackles by the whole defense. Players generally be seeming to hold their gaps and coverage, but just aren’t making tackles. Nice stand at the goal though. Jags can’t win scoring FGs. You have to score TDs to beat the Colts. Min proved that last week.

Sorry had to step away for a bit for some family stuff, so I might be behind for a while, as I catch up on the DVR. Bad offensive series by the Colts and the defense follows up soft as well, but get tough at the goal line again. 4 and out!

Huge throw to Wayne, followed by a huge pick by Peyton that Mathis return for a touchdown. Mathis had seriously illegal contact… Colts get ball back and start running the ball. Peyton still doesn’t look fully himself, but a great long throw to AG helps! Another HORRIBLE no call, Cross is wrong. Finally they make the call on interference, about time. Dumb jokes by Enberg. BIG delay/draw stretch to Rhodes, that’s a play I’d like to see more of. TOUCHDOWN J.Addai Master!

Halftime Thoughts: Offense is running the ball well. If not for that bad pick this game is already half way to put away. I like what I’m seeing from the offense, but I’d like to see the defense get a little more stout. The rookie Guards are doing better this week with Saturday back in but they need to stop the false starts. Other then that much better play from the O-line.

3rd Qtr: Defense playing more stout even though they are giving some ground (bending but not breaking). Getting the Jags into 3rd downs (some longish). Need to get a stop but looking better. AND THERE IT IS. Hayden makes a great jump and takes it the other way

Offense has to capitalize on the TO with a TD. Instead Peyton turns it over in the endzone. Poorly underthrown ball by Peyton. My wife is daring me to type that Peyton sucks…of course he doesn’t but that was a totally sucky throw. She doesn’t really think that Peyton sucks but just thinks that the lack of Bob Sanders on the field is affecting Peyton’s mind.

Run defense was looking better until that big play, HORRIBLE tacking. Defense is collapsing. Offense needs to get a drive going and put TD on the board.

So my Dad wants to know what happened to the rhythym of the first half on offense? It’s not looking good right now. We need to get the momentum back.

Jennings has been huge on Special Teams this year. Nice shoestring tackle on the punt return.

We really need to hold them to a FG here, the defense is play about 3/4ths of the plays really good and the other 1/4th really bad. Giving up an 18 yd gain on 2 and 17 is a good way to make sure you lose. Note to the Colts coaches. Del Rio is going to RUN no matter what.

This game is a mirror image of last week’s game. Problem is your much better off surging in the 2nd half then the 1st. In response to the question of which is worse the Colts D o O??? I’d vote Offense in the 2nd half because they were totally inept. Defense at least held them to a FG.

Well if the Colts can’t get this 1st down then they definitely wear the title of more “incompetent” for this game at least. Their 2nd half performance has been just about as horrible as you can imagine.

Amazing throw 18 to 88!!! First down!

I think people can start to shut up about Marvin being done. He might be on the downside of his career but I think he still has a good deal to offer.

Great play to Wayne, Colts inside the 5!!!!

TOUCHDOWN COLTS!!!!!!!!! J.Addai Master nice run up the middle. I wish they’d run earlier in that position since if they didn’t get in Jax has to take timeouts…

What a kickoff by AV. Let’s go D, we need to be TOUGH! Nice tackle by Jackson

One play guys, just one play. We need it!

HORRIBLE CALL!!! This is not looking good. Comes down to a 51yard kick. Though the game was over and the Refs bailed Jax out on that absolutely horrible pass interference call.

Colts Lose… we got screwed but didn’t really deserve to win it anyway. This team really needs to dig deep and figure out what’s going on. No intensity, no consistency.

Thanks DZ and DS for the chance to help out again.