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Jeff Fisher Really is Crazy

Yep.  He wore a Manning jersey to a public function.  This smacks of Costanza.  Perhaps Fisher is angling for a job as the director of Scouting for the Mets… or Colts.

Props to JMV for pointing this story out via the Jackson and Bullitt show.  Both players were fairly astounded by the story.  I know Fisher’s appearance was for a worthy cause, but still, this is pretty nuts.  This sort of reminds me of a quote by another crazy coach we once knew.  Apparently Jeff Fisher just trying to relax and enjoy it. 

For the record, if I needed a coach, Fisher would be one of my first phone calls.  He has won a lot of games with average talent.  Not every coach gets to have Peyton Manning under center.  Remember:  The Titans blew the third overall pick three years ago.  Now they are paying the price.  Think this team would like a do-over with Vandy product Jay Cutler?  That was a popular rumor at the time.  Would they be 0-6?  I doubt it.  There is no way to know for sure, but it is a well known-fact that Fisher didn’t want Vince Young.