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Jets couldn’t stop Manning

This is so good, it goes on the front page.

Tip to Stan, the tape of the game (as broken down by a NY writer) shows Manning tore up the Jets

Of Manning’s seven incompletions, three stand out. All were, in tennis terms, unforced errors on which Manning simply didn’t put the ball where it should’ve been.

Early in the second quarter, on third-and-goal from the 4, Wayne got a bit of separation from Darrelle Revis and was open. Manning threw the ball high and outside, and Wayne couldn’t bring it in. Had it been low and inside, it’s probably a touchdown.

Wayne had Revis beaten badly on the first play of the next possession, but Manning’s throw was a bit too long, and Wayne came up empty with a diving try. It would have been a 40-yard completion, at least. Wayne had three receptions for 33 yards, but easily could have had five catches for 77 yards and a score. Manning also missed Clark, who was open on a deep route, on that same series, which led to no points.

Whatever adjustments the Jets made at halftime didn’t work, as Manning went 4-for-4 for 61 yards on an 81-yard touchdown march and finally seemed to be finding his rhythm. It’s likely he would’ve put up more points, and he probably also would have felt the backside pressure that resulted in the strip sack of rookie backup Curtis Painter, which resulted in a Jets’ touchdown. If Manning is in there, he might have averted the sack.