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Jim Irsay…What a guy!

I know it’s hard to believe, but there are some times that we agree with Bob Kravitz.  Several months ago, he wrote something we called his best column ever (of course, you can’t find the original on the Star.com).  Long before the whole CIB mess came to light, the call for the Colts to step up and respond to the fiscal crisis facing the IHSAA went out.  In short, the IHSAA wouldn’t be able to play the high school championships in the Luke because it was too expensive.  Unlike the CIB fiasco, which is all about local government trying to pass the buck for its own screw ups while scapegoating the Colts for a problem the Pacers handed them, the IHSAA problem was something the Colts could resolve.  In this case, the organization that suffered (The IHSAA) wasn’t responsible for the problem.  High school football ought to be played in a publicly funded stadium, and pricing out the HS tourney is an unacceptable option.

Jim Irsay just made sure that won’t happen.  In a move of great generosity and foresight, Irsay’s Colts have agreed to sponsor the ENTIRE football tournament for three years.  Nothing says, “I’m committed to the good of Indiana” like an investment in the youth of the state.  Again, Irsay proves he’s one of the best owners in football and a shrewd business man.  He knows public sentiment might go against him in the CIB mess, but instead of circling the wagons, and saying, “Well, I’d like to help the kids, but I can’t afford it because the State is squeezing me”, he went on the offensive and resolved the issue that he could.  Granted, the money involved in sponsoring the tourney is less than what the State is threatening to hit them with, but still, the gesture is important both practically and symbolically.  Irsay is saying, “Indiana, I’m on your side”.  Letting kids play football in the state’s building isn’t necessarily  Irsay’s job, but it certainly falls with in his sphere of influence and relevance.  Bailing out local government mismanagement is not.  Jimmy played this perfectly.

Thanks, Mr. Irsay.  We knew we could count on you. 

Now a private note:

First, thanks to all of you for your congrats.  My wife and baby are doing well and will be home tomorrow.  You know your baby was born in a foreign country when:

  • Her name is Luz Helena because you wanted to name her Lucy Helen, but those names aren’t on the official “list of government approved names”
  • You can only pay the hospital in cash…the morning of the birth.  There are no other options.
  • You can’t check into to the hospital for an 8 AM C-section until 7 AM because the night clerk doesn’t feel like doing any more check ins, and the day clerk doesn’t get in until 7.
  • You are ushered into a 1950s style waiting room and for the first time aren’t present at the birth of one of your children.  You are informed of this as they wheel your wife out of the room to head to the surgery.
  • A woman barges into your hospital room at 7 AM, flips on all the lights and starts washing the floor, not caring that dad, mom, and baby are all sleeping.  Does anyone know the maximum sentence for manslaughter in Argentina?  I almost committed it this morning.
  • Your doctor comes in to ask you, ”

    ¿Como se dice “placenta” en ingles?”.  We of course respond…placenta.  She asks, “¿S

    í, pero como se pronuncia?”  We respond…placenta.  She is pleased by this.

  • You finally get home from the hospital, get your kids to bed, and wind up walking them in their PJs to the electrician’s house down the street because your house’s wiring just fried at 9:00 at night, and your wife and mother-in-law are both at the hospital.  The kids (4 and 2) thought that walking around the neighborhood in their jammies was hilarious.  Maybe it was, but I wasn’t seeing it just then. 

I kid because I love.  All these things really happened to me, but trust me, we do love it here, and are proud to have our second Argentine baby.  Thanks again for your prayers and best wishes.

The book passed the 60,000 word mark.  I’m closing in.  More on this soon.

18 to 88 is #1  Thanks to Derek for reminding me I should have linked to this yesterday.  We’ve noted it before, but it’s back to being featured on NFL.com.

Apply to be a CBS football correspondent.  Eat, drink and live football for one year as an official member of the press.  You make $1600 a month.  Geeze, I voluntarily make less than 30K a year, and even I get paid better than that.  By the way, the qualifications are hilarious.  Draw your own conclusions about our debate last week from this.  I hope some of you young single guys and ladies consider it.  It sounds like a great opportunity for someone who can live at their parents’ house.

Per many sources by now…Mudd and Moore are back.  As many have noted, Florio can suck it.    I feel MUCH better about the season knowing they’ll be around to ease the transition.

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