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Justin Snow-Classic Colt

Thumbnail image for snow.jpgJustin Snow, number 48, signed as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2000, Mr. Snow has played his entire career with the “Blue and White.” During his career, he has excelled at being the longsnapper (144 consecutive games as a Colt) on special teams for punts, field goals, and PAT’s. Along with Mike Vanderjagt and Hunter Smith (holder) they all 3 became the NFL’s first trio to go an entire season, including the playoffs, without missing a FG or PAT in 2003.

Justin Snow is the very definition of a Classic Colt. He has spent his entire career in Indianapolis, yet is NEVER mentioned. Hailing from the same High School as Dominic Rhodes, Snow has probably been the MOST under appreciated person of long standing on the Colts roster. While Mike V, Hunter Smith, and Vinatieri get all the glory for the kicking/punting, that ball doesn’t just magically appear in Smith’s hands all by itself. The iceman delivering balls on frozen ropes is none other than Snow, Justin Snow.

Derek Haste

Snow is also repsonsible for talking Dungy into letting Vanderjagt kick the game winning field goal in overtime in Denver in 2002.