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Killing the Radio Star

I’ll be all over the airwaves tonight.

First, Indy residents can check me out on Jersey Johnny’s show on 93.1 WIBC at 7:40.  John and I will be discussing the game tomorrow as well as potential playoff paths.

Second, those of you in Des Moines can hear me talk to Joel Fry tonight on 98.3 WOW FM.  I’ll be on about 10:40 CST (11:40 in Indiana).  We’ll have a podcast of that one up tomorrow.  Check back to this post.  I’m thrilled to be talking to Joel (who is great Twitter follow).  I’ve been trying to bust into the Des Moines area for awhile now.  The Iowa/Indy connection is strong, but I haven’t had a lot of success getting any traction with local sports radio until now.  Plus, it gave me a chance to brag on Iowa student and 18to88 writer, Joe Baker.