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Kravitz joins the chorus against the owners

Seriously, I felt like I was all alone on this a month ago.

I keep hearing how tough times are, and then I drive to the Indianapolis Colts’ 56th Street facility and see a small golf course being built on the premises. And we’re supposed to believe the owners can’t make a go of it during these tough financial times.

It’s fashionable to say, “A pox on both their houses. Millionaires versus billionaires. I’m not rooting for anybody in this labor war.”


I’m rooting for the players, and with absolutely no hesitation.

The union isn’t asking for much of anything in these negotiations. They’re not asking for a single dollar more than they made off the last collective bargaining agreement. People need to remember, this won’t be a strike, it’ll be a lockout. The players want to play, and if they can negotiate some more jobs for their union and get better health benefits for former players, that’s great.