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Kravitz…making sense?

A word of warning:  I’m about to say nice things about Bob Kravitz.

This is going on the front page, because I cannot remember a time when our buddy Bobby K did a better job summarizing a game or the state of the franchise.

Usually after a postseason loss, I’m calling Kravitz names and responding to snippit after snippit of his articles by pointing out the mistakes.  Not today.  Today, you’ll fine nothing but praise from me for lines like this:

(Can I say a word about Peyton Manning? I thought he had a very strong Super Bowl, and this idea that he’s “the biggest loser” is about as dumb as tabloid journalism can get. We’ll never know who did what on the interception — to their credit, neither Manning nor Reggie Wayne threw the other guy under the bus — but on most days, 31-of-45 for 333 yards on just eight possessions is enough to win.

It wasn’t his fault Garcon dropped the pass to end one possession. Or that Wayne dropped another one that would have been a score. Or that coach Jim Caldwell had a brain-cramp and sent Matt Stover out to try a 51-yard field goal. Defense lost this game. Special teams lost this game. Period.)


Now, though, there is a heightened sense of urgency. Manning is on the quarter-pole of his incredible career and there are only so many chances left. He will be 34 years old next month. That means he’s got roughly five or six seasons left to add championships to his legacy, and with the coming labor war, it’s possible one of those years could be taken away.

Polian hates to hear about windows, but there is a window of opportunity here, and it’s going to close before you know it.

In terms of personnel, they’re right there. A couple of tweaks, a couple of additions. Find a kick- and punt-return guy.

Wow.  The stuff Kravitz wrote today is so right on that I’m not even going to say anything backhanded.

It’s a great piece, and everyone should read it.