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Kuharsky on #3

Kuharsky weighs in with thoughts on the Colts #3

Well after the session was over, one player remained on the field, working on steps and routes. And when Collie looked to be finished, working his way to a watercooler under the goal posts, he drank, peeled off his jersey and turned back, returning to the field for more solo labor. A nice sign.

Garcon, a sixth-rounder out of Mount Union last year, talked Tuesday about how much more comfortable he is.

“It’s totally different,” he said, laughing. “When they are calling out plays, I know what I am doing.”

One thing that is making things easier for him is a better sense of the game’s geography. He has a truer feel for where he is, so he’s not checking landmarks, looking down for hashmarks or numbers. That allows him to better get in and out of breaks while reading and setting up defenders.