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Let the Memory Live Again

I usually worry when I wake up with an email from JC in my inbox.

I never know what semi-coherent drunken rant is awaiting me.

I’m never tempted to ignore those emails, for one simple reason.  Sometimes, they have great ideas.

So was it this week when he suggested we open the floor to 18to88.com readers to share their favorite memories of the Colts/Pats series. The result was a good read and a lot of fun.  So click here to see everyone’s favorite moments were from the rivalry that renews tonight.

It struck me as I read what everyone wrote how many people share in the big moments even when they are far from Indianapolis.  Indy is home to me in a way that no other place I live ever could be.  At any given moment in my life, that’s where I’d rather be.  Every week, the Colts bring me home for a few hours, and they’ve come to mean more to me now than they even did when I went to every game.  Judging by the responses, a lot of people feel the same way.

The article will be permanently stored in the Fixtures sidebar.  Feel free to keep sending in your favorite memories, and I’ll add them to the list.

I sure hope someone has something good and new to send me tomorrow.