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The Rafael Furcal deal isn’t done yet. Does anyone remember a time when so many rumors of “done” deals came out, only to be completely wrong? This signing, the Jermaine Dye trade, and the Jack Wilson trade make three in the past two weeks.

Regardless of how the Furcal sweepstakes pan out, Dejan reports it’s looking less likely that Jack Wilson will be traded.

Chris Bootcheck is now a Pirate
. And we just got rid of John Van Benschoten! Joe Kerrigan’s list of “projects” this spring is going to be incredibly long (Bootcheck’s stats here). Bones shares some fun information about Bootcheck. UPDATE: The PG is now saying that no deal is in place with Bootcheck. Personally, I just like typing “Bootcheck.”

Winter ball stats update!

  • Jose Tabata is hitting well enough in Venezuela, but with precious little power (just seven of his 36 hits are for extra bases).
  • Robinzon Diaz has an OPS of below .500 for two teams in the Dominican.

That’s all, for now.