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Frogurt + Colts = Genius

Let me tell you about my new favorite place in the world.  It is called Huddles Frozen Yogurt.

What is Huddles?

Huddles is a Colts-themed frozen yogurt shop.  Yeah, you read that right.

Where is it?

Huddles is located on the north side of E. 86th Street in Nora.  Right next to the Monon Trail.

Is it good?

Oh my yes.  Crazy good frogurt.

Why should I eat at Huddles?

First, it is really really good.  Second, the place is owned and operated by Colts Vice President and future owner of the team, Casey Irsay Foyt.  Casey was there the other day when we stopped by.  Did I mention she is going to own your favorite team some day?  I don’t ask for much… just go eat some Colts-themed frogurt.

What else is going on at Huddles?

They sell Colts related merchandise.  Yes, you can eat there and clothe yourself at the same time.

Anything else to add?

Let’s face it:  this is the most important Colts-related news of the summer.  Huddles combines three of my favorite things in the world:  entrepreneurship, the Indianapolis Colts, and soft-serve frozen yogurt.  Run, don’t walk to Nora.  If I ever see you in line at the DQ again I am going to lose it on you, JC-style.

Been to Huddles yet?  Please send your glowing review to 18to88@gmail.com