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Loose ends

There are a couple of things I forgot in yesterday’s huge list of stuff.

1. There was no end to the furor over Ken Griffey Jr. not running out a pop up that dropped in for a hit this week. I love hustle. I was NOT a good baseball player and earned my letter on will, hustle, and an ability to keep the score book. Having said that, Jr. is an older, injury prone player. If he had run out that ball and gotten hurt, the fans would have killed him for being fragile. He’s going to hit 30-35 HRs and drive in about 105 this year. Let up on the man. Pete hustled more than any man alive so we forgive him all his flaws. Jr. is guilty of nothing more than protecting his body (he’s going to play a full season for the first time in Cincinnati!), and people kill him.

2. I’m actually looking forward to doing our podcast this week. We had fun with the first one, and I hope you listened. I think you’ll find it funny and insightful. That is after all, the motif we generally shoot for here. Even though the game is Thursday night, we probably won’t get the podcast up until Monday or the (soon to be) traditional Tuesday.

3. Rodney Harrison showed how an apology should be done. He took responsibility for his actions, said they were wrong and that he should have done better. He acted like a man and apologized, taking all the blame. He owned up, and we’ll try not to kill him here. Having said that, I would like to see the penalty for banned substance use changed. A player gets four games for steroids, but the benefits persist after the suspension. A banned player should lose not any four games, but the LAST four games of each season. He should also be ineligible for both the playoffs and the Probowl. This would keep guys from saying, “Four games is a small price to pay for a ring”.