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Let’s take a look at what people are saying to 18to88. . .

Stan writes:
“Minnesota’s Tarvaris Jackson recently had a 15-minute phone conversation with Peyton Manning in which Jackson picked Manning’s brain about passing.” Carson Palmer drives to Indy to watch a game. If, as Pats fans always assert, Tom Brady is the greatest QB and Peyton is just a stat machine who is blessed with good players around him, why do other NFL QBs seek out Manning for advice?

This is a good point, Stan, but let’s note that Manning has called Brady for advice before the Super Bowl. The fact that young QBs are seeking out Manning to see what he does, and the fact that he always has time for other QBs is part of what makes him so very awesome.

Denver Fan Mike writes about the Star Wars projections:
Awesome. . . NFC North was hilarious. Good job, nice creativity. How bout this one. . . Denver: Ewoks – Good on the ground, despite being undersized. May win a big battle now and again, but not a powerhouse on their own.

Good one, I like it.

One reader comments:
Dr. Z just doesn’t like Peyton. I don’t know if it’s because of his love of Unitas or what. He just seems to go out of his way to downplay what 18 has accomplished.No one who knows anything about football could possibly pick anyone as MVP of that Super Bowl. No player ever dominated a game the way 18 did that one. All of Addai’s running room was due to the Bears’ fear of Peyton.

I can see why you feel that way, but I’m not sure I agree. Dr. Z has tendency not to over sensationalize, and I respect that. He’s being cautious with blaring praise over Manning. It’s sort of his m.o. Addai was a reasonable choice for MVP; if he had gotten one of the TDs, he would have probably won it. The article in general was really pro-Colts, so I’m not going to rip him. I’ve never heard him say Brady was better so he’s ok in my book.

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