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Miss a Day…

Last week, I’m wracking my brain to come up with something to write, and I get so desperate that I post a high school picture of JC.  So I leave town for a couple of days, and forget my lap top.  While I’m gone, I miss the chance to slam CHFF for their insanity (it’s coming…don’t worry about that), Sal Paolantonio writes the weirdest, most uncalled for article in history, and on top of it all, the Colts replace their defensive coordinator.  I kept up on everything, including your comments via an IPod Touch, but was helpless to respond.  On top of it all, my forgetfulness now means we won’t have our revision of the Lost Predictions ready for last night’s season premiere (maybe tomorrow, definitely by Sunday). 

Moral of this story:  Staple your laptop to you leg.  Or your wife’s leg.  Whatever it takes not to forget it.

Romo (no not that one) is a PSYCHO.

It’s hard not to love the Edge.

If you don’t like the NFL OT rules, you really won’t like what this guy says about ties in soccer.