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More MVP Thoughts

Shutdown Corner on Yahoo.com has arguments for all the MVP candidates.  Personally, I find the guy who wrote the case for Manning to be compelling.  He’s an articulate and thoughtful man, that one is.  By the way, the reason I left Chris Johnson off my discussion yesterday is because he isn’t a viable candidate.  His team finished just 8-8 and out of the playoffs.  He’s a running back in an age when running the ball has little causation on winning.  Offensive Player of the Year?  No question.  MVP?  No chance.

Meanwhile, our old buddy Big Sexy has some thoughts on the playoff format.  There’s lots to talk about in his piece, but I found his MVP ballot particularly interesting.

My MVP ballot: 1. Peyton Manning; 2. Philip Rivers; 3. Chris Johnson; 4. Drew Brees; 5. DeSean Jackson.

That’s right. After spending the first half of the season campaigning for Brett Favre, the Minnesota QB didn’t crack my top five. He still had an incredible year. He still proved his critics, including me, wrong. I love watching the dude play.

Wow.  I never saw that coming.  He voted Peyton first AND bailed on Favre?  Whitlock is getting it done.  Now about those Ravens…