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Most Important Wins Article is up…Contest Still  Open

I have posted our Most Important Wins in Indianapolis Colts’ History article. We have two winners in the contest already. Congrats to Josh and Justin who will both be receiving an XLI Program in the mail soon. You can see that the list is complete, but not all the games have full write-ups yet. If you want to win a program, just choose one of those games and do a little research. I would suggest starting with pro-football-reference.com for game box scores. We can still have up to 5 more winners.
If you don’t like the games we chose and want to pick another, feel free, but be sure to include why the game you chose is more worthy than one already on the list. Again, submit all entries to 18to88@gmail.com along with your address.
Here’s a great FO article that (among other things) explains the problems the Colts line had with the Steelers in the 2006 debacle in the dome. I do take exception with the fact that claim is made that the Colts struggled with the Chargers 3-4 in the playoff loss this year. The offense dominated the Chargers D, put up enough points to win on a normal day, and should have had many more except for three tough turnovers which weren’t really ’caused’ by the Chargers D (unless they are somehow responsible for Kenton Keith’s horrible hands). Still, the article is great.