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If you saw and enjoyed the Dave Flemming piece the other day about the Manning Passing Academy, check out this longer article that spells out all of the effort that the Manning fam puts into it. This article makes me wonder what effect this camp will have on the future of the NFL. It seems to be largely focused on not just technical but mental fundamentals. Will the next wave of NFL QBs be hyper-studious Manning clones? Fascinating stuff. It also reaffirms my conviction that Eli will have huge success before too long. For any QB not named Manning, 2 playoff appereances in his first 3 years would be amazing. In New York, however, they are insane. Of course, they have an ex-Jags coach, so what do you expect?

Meanwhile, I’m going to go back to smiling and walking around all giddy about the Jags losing their collective minds.

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