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Mudd retires after ’09, Moore will not

Mike Chappell reports today that 2009 will be O-line coach Howard Mudd’s last season as a NFL coach.  This announcement is not a surprise, and most of us assumed this was his last go around.  What is a surprise was the statement by O-Coordinator Tom Moore:

Offensive coordinator Tom Moore also returned to the team after retiring under the same circumstances. He’s not following Mudd’s roadmap.

“I’ll coach as long as someone will hire me,” said Moore, 70.

This is fascinating news.  The word on the street was that Moore had to be begged by Irsay to come back for this year, but that does not appear accurate.  This does not mean that Moore is lock to coach with the Colts in 2010, but is still an encouraging sign that he is in no way exhausted or burnt out.   Barring catastrophy this year, I would hope Moore would to return to the Colts next season, but let’s deal with this season first.