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My last post for awhile

Here’s a couple of quick thoughts about the game in no order:
The $3 parking is gone. They charge $10 now, and it was all filled by tailgaters. That sucks.
Tim Jennings got abused on every third down completion. He made a great special teams play, but was horrible in coverage.
The tipped pass that Jacksonville caught was crazy.
Jack Del Rio tried hard to give that game away, but his team just wouldn’t let him. The field goal he passed on, the give up drive to end the first half, and the gutless decision to run on 3rd and goal late all should have sunk his club.
The Stadium wasn’t loud until the final series by Jacksonville. The crowd was in a daze the whole time. There was no energy from the start.
We sure did miss Bob Sanders.
The defense was just a step slow on the last drive. That was the result of being on the field for 40 minutes.
It was nice to see the stretch play again.
After watching the two picks, I can’t believe the irony that we lost on a pass interference call. The TV guys documented the blown call on the pick 6, which was clearly interference. They missed the obvious hold on Marvin on the awful second pick as well. If you watch closely, Mathis grabs Marvin’s jersey about the 20 yard line and pulls it off the shoulder pads. This screwed the timing of the play up. It was a clear hold that everyone on our side of the stadium saw. It was a terrible throw by Peyton, but it should have resulted in a 5 yard gain for Indy. I’m sick about these two calls.
There may be talk about Marvin being done, but he abused Mathis all day. He didn’t make all the plays, but Mathis interfered with him twice on picks. Manning was still keying on Marvin all day. Maybe too much.
Charlie Johnson was solid in run blocking. He is still getting schooled on too many pass rushes.
This isn’t a crushing loss, but it sure did rob of us of what would have been a HUGE win. The Jags did some things very well; but in the end, they got the breaks that swung the game.
I’ll see you all in the Southern Hemisphere. Remember, there is no podcast this week, but I will post the 18 Plays with some commentary later this week.