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New Blue Blood Interview

I want to call everyone’s attention to a great interview about Blue Blood with the entertainment site GuysGirl.com.

If you’ve never checked them out, GuysGirl is a fantastic site.  Here’s what the founder Blythe Brumleve has to say about their mission:

“I wanted to start the website years ago because I thought I was always the only girl who loved sports and video games.Once I discovered the internet, I realized there was a network of girls who were just like me and were seeking representation. I have been told on multiple occasions that I am the “girliest tomboy” they have ever met. I find a lot of girls grew up either playing with Barbie™ dolls and makeup and never knowing sports and video games or grew up playing sports and video games and never learning how to put on makeup. That’s where GuysGirl.com comes in.”

That’s right up our alley around here at 18to88.com.  The interview covers some new topics, including a lot about Blythe’s favorite team:  The Jaguars.  You’ll also find out what I would do to the most annoying Pats fan in the world if I ever got the chance.  JC…don’t skip this one…