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New Release Date for Blue Blood (for real)

Sorry for the delays with the book.  We had a few last minute technical difficulties that are too boring to talk about.

Anyway, Blue Blood has finally been cleared for release!  It will take a few days for it start appearing with online retailers, and a few more weeks before it starts to show up around town in stores.

For my purposes (because I’m traveling right now), the official release date will be Monday, June 21st.  I’ll be posting purchasing links then.  If you hunt around for it this weekend, you can probably snake it early.  My best advice is to wait until Monday. There were updates to the text that had to take place, and if you jump the gun, you might not get the best version of the book (back to those technical difficulties again)!

Anyway, I appreciate your patience.  The book will be available in both digital and print forms.  As I said, links and more details to come on Monday.

Just hold your horses for a few more days!

Thanks for bleeding blue!