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News and notes while we wait in limbo

Gene Wojciechowski is back again this year with his 100 predictions for the 2007 NFL season. Before you get too worked up about his iffy predictions, take a look at how poorly he fared in his 2006 predictions. Be sure to notice that last year Gene (along with about half of the experts) failed the Am I a Smart Analyst? Test. Each season there is a single question Deshawn and I set aside as the over/under for proving your NFL brainpower. He said the Colts would miss Edge immensely, and Bill Polian would live to regret #32’s absence. Gene was dead wrong, and as he explains, quite the opposite took place.

For the record, there’s only one question on this year’s test: Will the Colts miss June, Harper, and David? Colts fans all know the answer, but you can still count on half the analysts to fail the AIASAT again this year.

In other awesome news, they are naming a hospital after Peyton Manning. No, it isn’t a pyschiatric hospital for traumatized defensive backs (but it should be). This hospital is right by my house so I will be demanding that all my medical treatment take place there. No, I don’t care that it is a children’s hospital.