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Whatever happy thoughts and nice dreams I had for the 2009 season went up in smoke this morning.

Jim Caldwell has announced that Charlie Johnson is now the starting left tackle for the Colts.

This is nothing short of a total, unmitigated disaster.  Charlie Johnson is not an NFL quality tackle.

Johnson first burst on our consciousness with the disastrous Charlie Johnson game against New England in 2007.  He returned a few weeks later verses Kansas City.

While he had a couple of nice moments run blocking in 2008, he was still mostly a disaster.  His move to left guard starting with the Titans game signaled the change in the offense that carried the team to the playoffs.  I realize that was also about the time Manning claims he started to feel right physically, but the improvement in protection was stark.

Let me be clear: I’m not defending Ugoh.  I just hate Charlie Johnson at tackle.  He isn’t competent at that position.

I could not be more forelorn over this move.  The ceiling on what the Colts can accomplish in 2009 just dropped significantly in my eyes.