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No Pun This Week

But Eyes is still ready!  Here’s a sneak peak:

Last week’s game finally produced a long awaited blowout, and now with the playoffs on the line the Colts are visited by another of the worst franchises in professional sports. The Detroit Lions are threatening to become the first team in NFL history to successfully complete a regular season without managing to fall ass-backwards into even one win.  Can the Colts keep their roll going?  This week watch for:

1.  Watch for the Cover-No One.  The Lions run a Cover-2 scheme, but have struggled to get pressure on the QB and struggled to cover the wide receivers.  They are allowing an opponent’s passer rating of 108.  Yikes.  Of course, they might have more success if they weren’t starting “Hole in the Zone” at corner.

2.  Watch for mistaken identity.  Najeh Davenport was signed to return kicks this week.  He pranked the reporters by pointing out another player and calling him Najeh, and as the 6th different player to return a ‘real’ kick off (non-squib) for the Colts this year, it’ll be understandable if the fans behind us identify him as Simpson, or Frenchy, or even Terrence Wilkins.  Yeah, they don’t pay very close attention.

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This quote from the ESPN Intel Report is hilarious: “Dan Orlovsky is supposed to be back this week. The Lions win 9 percent of the simulations that Orlovsky starts which is better than the 3 percent they win with Daunte Culpepper. Either way the Colts are by far the heaviest favorite of the week. For the Lions to pull off the monumental upset, they would need to 1) Intercept Peyton Manning at least twice; 2) sack him at least 3 times; AND 3) get 100+ rushing yards from Kevin Smith. When all 3 things happen the Lions win 53 percent of the time by an average of 1 point.”