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Notes from the Night Before

1.) Marvin Harrison is out again this week. Shocker. I was certain the Colts’ doctors would think freezing rain would be the perfect conditions to re-introduce Marvin.

2.) The Colts have a chance to clinch a playoff spot tomorrow. Tony Dungy is on the cusp of a very impressive accomplishment. This season has served to silence any remaining doubt that Dungy belongs in the Hall of Fame.

3.) This is hard for me to say, but I think you need to hear it: I am rooting for the Patriots tomorrow. The NFL regular season schedule has a way of making the games bigger and more important each week. This week is the biggest challenge yet for the Colts as far as I’m concerned. If the Steelers beat the Patriots and the Colts fall to the Ravens then Indy will have to scramble to regain the two seed. It would be extremely difficult. If the reverse occurs then the Colts will have a nice cushion with three winnable games remaining. Let’s go Pats!

4.) Who am I kidding? Beat the hell out of them Steelers!

Deshawn Zombie Comments: Maybe it deserves its own post, but I think I’ll just piggy back on this one. That was as impressive a performance from an IU team as any I’ve seen in many years. Maybe it’s just because Kentucky is really bad right now, but that Hoosier squad is deep, talented and big. This could be a seriously fun year. Winning a game like that without Gordon in the lineup has to do wonders for their confidence.