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Oehser has a smart, smart reader

In the single most insightful article of the day, a IFR reader explains why the loss of Harrison won’t cripple the Colts.

Has everyone forgotten the 2007 season, when Harrison missed three quarters of the year with a knee injury? Manning threw for over 30 touchdowns and 4000 yards with a rating near 100, Wayne led the league in receiving yards, and Gonzalez played out wide and had the best year of any Colts rookie receiver since Jerome Pathon (remember Jerome Pathon?). Even the focus on the third receiver might be overblown considering how much time Dallas Clark spends playing in the slot.

I love Marvin Harrison.  You love Marvin Harrison.  Marvin Harrison was lost to us the day Joe Addai rolled his leg.  The real 88 rarely appeared last year, and baring something unforeseen, won’t play this year in the NFL.

By the way, I remember Jerome Pathon…dropping a TD pass in Miami in the 2000 playoffs.  I’ve never forgiven him.